Welcome at the Centre for Transdisciplinary Neurosciences Rostock (CTNR)

“Resilience in Neurodegeneration - from the model to the patient to the population” 

The University Medical Centre Rostock has a strong focus on transdisciplinary research in resilience and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, and is one of the few institutions in Germany to systematically develop and use methods of participatory innovation in neurodegenerative brain diseases research.

In November 2017 the Center for Transdisciplinary Neurosciences Rostock (CTNR) was founded to bundle the scientific activities of neurosciences and to improve the visibility and outcomes of the University Medical Centre in the field. The center focuses on “Resilience in Neurodegeneration – from the model to the patient to the population” and represents one of the three main scientific areas (Forschungsschwerpunkte) at the University Medical Centre.

The overall scientific aimof the CTNR is to identify and target resilience mechanisms in neurodegeneration to implement innovative therapeutic concepts for primary and secondary neurodegenerative processes.

CTNR creates an interface between clinical and basic research and improves the translational approach. Its future concepts of educational training for clinician and medical scientist and funding programs will cover the needs of the Neuroscience community.